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for gift-wrapped entrepreneurs needing to sustain the cost for their calling.

No more being left-out. My accountability plans and courses are geared to help you design, create, and live the life you're dreaming of.

We'd never want you to be anti-social, so we promise no spam; all love notes. Oh, and you agree to our terms + privacy upon joining.


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Your life is your business.

I remember every single up and down of running a business and it all was rooted in the way I lived my life. I know when you hear "living the life you deserve", you may think of YSL purses, trips to Bora Bora, the car you've always dreamt of, or maybe even satisfying relations. It goes deeper than that. 

Little-big things like not having dinner ready on time, folding the clothes right after the dryer have stopped, or even getting my hair done on time for the speaking engagement booked months in advance, had put a dent in my happiness, and the contentment with those around me. 


It was becoming harder and harder for me to keep my word, show up on time, and even be present in the moment. 


I knew enough was enough when I became married and my habits began to affect the person that would do anything to make me happy. Being a single mother, and a mother in general, there are some things you don't have to explain to kids. But I prayed for accountability. Through my husband, I had to truly look at my good, bad, and ugly. Not only that, but I also had to accept that the person I was for so long, may have not been the best person; no matter how far I got, or how much I accomplished. 

Don't get me wrong. There was no self-hate there. But there was a person being tired of not being the best version of herself that she could be. I didn't want anyone else's life or anyone else story. I just wanted better than this.

Are there some areas in your life where you know you're not operating at your greatest? It doesn't have to be the worst things in the world, but those subtle things overtime that steal your joy, maybe your finances, or robs your character?

I've created three accountability programs in three areas that I struggled with the most. Within these plans, you'll find prayer practices, guided strategy worksheets, inspiration and more.

Program Preview: ​




Women aren’t reaching their desired results because they can't visualize what they deserve. Most, with the lack of confidence, feel like the glamorized are more successful. Hunny, the goal is to be successful on the inside…..we have to ESCAPE from those expectations.​​





Ready to be your own #LifeGoals? Imagine if your vision board married your bucket list. We will discover our first, second and third loves, and create a time-stamped goal list to complete them. Yes, this is where you can go crazy. Go ahead, whatever it is, write it down.



Part of the reasons we go through, is because we don’t have enough money to carry out our visions and dreams. Or that’s what we think. So it’s going to be fun helping you get unstuck, and strategizing attainable business/career goals to Fuel Your Passions and Profits™.


what's included

   - 12-weeks of guided e-inspiration

   - 3 Downloadable worksheets

   - 3 help videos

   - Opportunity to book over-the-phone private

      accountability sessions with A'darah

   - Access to our private accountability group with

     other like-minded women​​



Professional Woman

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy. I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


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