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Mental Health Counselor

Danielle Portis takes an innovative, empathic, person-centered approach using a creative blend of behavioral therapies to help individuals bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be. She leads a journey of construction that allows them to revisit the past, reconstruct their narrative, and design a life with the remnants of their broken pieces using their adversity as an advantage.


With a background in behavioral and social science, Danielle has implemented knowledge from both ends of the spectrum to develop programs and initiatives for individuals and nonprofit organizations that spearhead personal growth such as Tiara Talks, a 5-week mentoring program for young ladies ages 13-21 and Mom Who Grew From Concrete, a 4-week program for mothers to plant a seed in business and receive nourishment from established girl bosses. Knowing that no two individuals experience life in the same manner, she has an innate ability to assess needs and identify results-oriented solutions that caters to the internal struggle and environmental effect on every person.


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