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Women MADE for MORE

The Future is Fellowship

Where on-the-rise, multi-disciplinary women leaders serve their way to success.

Love notes, hospitality perks, biz talk, high-level events, and more. Join our signature newsletter and discover the multi-layered adventures of a Woman Made for More.

Partake In Evolution with Your Own Advisory Board 

WM Members are high-impact achievers and founders who use their insight and influence to champion each others success story. We are an exclusive hospitality-driven community advocating for the advancement of the whole woman.


Because of our commitment to accelerated growth, we’ve curated a support system of masterful connections to help you become more excellent in life, leadership, and legacy.


Share Your Brilliance, Nourish Your Portfolio

We thrive through targeted collaboration to gain traction for the way we do our life’s work. Through thoughtful practices, our members engage in monthly deep talks focused on set agendas and interests.


Because of this, we introduce a qualification process to sustain the integrity of our groups, community commitment, and overall focus.


Strategic Living

Expand your network with access to exceptional women leaders with unique vantage points. Think of having your own team of advisors to share your triumphs and challenges with, and an open forum for continued support to stay focused through life’s adventures.


We go deep into the life of an on-the-rise CEO. From personal development to raising families, leading in ministry, and supporting the community, we advocate for balance so that you consistently show up, always pouring from a full cup. 

The diverse array of captivating personalities within this community makes this a truly beautiful, warm,

and welcoming atmosphere!

The experience has left me with a boost of confidence across various dimensions, making this initial month into the year a truly remarkable one.

I thoroughly appreciate the opportunity to see and meet each one of you.



#1 Podcast for Women

"Late-night rants and raves to rev up your child-like dreams and rid you of the excuses that keep you from going for more."
Journey with our members to discover the possibilities of showing up, the unsurfaced superpowers that come from being vulnerable, and what happens when how you serve provokes unhinged success.

WM 2024 Calendar

We curate masterful experiences for women alike to collaborate and become inspired to do + become more.

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